Low Power Fibre Lasers- FemtoMaster

 "FORC-Photonics" innovation company distributes in Russia pulse laser systems are prepared company Fianium Ltd.

Импульсные фемтосекундные и пикосекундные лазеры

 Low Power Fibre Lasers- FemtoMaster - is a passively mode-locked soliton fibre laser with a semiconductor saturable absorber as one of the cavity mirrors. The active medium is a core-pumped Yb-doped fibre. The laser oscillators generate transform-limited 5-15 ps pulses.

The lasers have been designed for maintenance free OEM applications. Compact size, built in electronic drivers and monitoring photodiode makes this unit ideal for demanding laboratory and industrial applications.



Wavelength (nm)

Power (W)

Pulse duration (ps)

Pulse energy (nJ)

Repetition Rate (MHz)

FemtoMaster1060-0.01 1064 0.01 <6 0.5 (f =20Mгц) 20-100
FemtoMaster1060-0.1 1064 0.1 <10 5 (f =20Mгц) 20-100