OSMA series

Single-axis fiber-optic vibration sensors (accelerometers) of the OSMA series are designed for continuous measurement of vibration parameters (vibration displacement, vibration velocity and vibration acceleration) of various industrial units and construction structures. The sensors in this series are implemented in high-temperature design and can operate at temperatures up to 250ºC.

Optical signals from vibration sensors are processed by fiber-optic unified recording module (interrogators). The measurement results are displayed both as time diagrams and as frequency spectra.

Like all 520 series sensors, the OSMA-520 sensors are implemented in a flat-base housing, which makes them easy to attach to flat and spherical surfaces. The direction of the measured vibrations is perpendicular to this surface.




  • reliability;
  • reproducibility and wide dynamic range;
  • high noise immunity, insensitivity to electromagnetic interference;
  • absolute electrical safety due to the absence of electrical circuits between the sensor and the recording module;
  • explosion and fire safety.






Technical parameters


Resonance wavelength, nm 1510 ÷ 1590
Sensitivity, ppm/g 0.25
Measurement range of acceleration, g 1 ÷ 100
Range of amplitude measurements, um from 25
Frequency response, Hz 10 ÷ 850
Accuracy at 25ºС, Hz ±0.5
Operating temperature range, ºС +10 ÷ +250
Optical fiber protection material PTFE
Size, mm 70 x 30 x 15.5
Method of attachment Screw connection
Connecting size (on request) hole Ø4