Policy and Objectives in the field of Quality

Policy in the field of quality is aimed at realizing a mission of the Company - embodiment of advanced design and technological solutions, scientific and technical ideas and the results of scientific research in the field of quantum optics.

The Quality Management System (QMS) of FORC-Photonics extends to the provision of services for  development, manufacture and introduction of products, namely:

  • fiber-optic sensor systems;
  • optoelectronic and fiber optic devices;
  • fiber-optic sensors;
  • fiber Bragg gratings;
  • other products in the field of fiber optics;
  • services related to the introduction of products;
  • services of the accredited laboratory for verification of measuring instruments;
  • high-temperature vibration testing services;
  • services for coating from various conductive materials by magnetron sputtering;
  • services for testing of fiber-optic sensors on certified equipment;
  • implementation of service and methodological support of the customer
  • technical testing, research, analysis and certification
  • research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences

The main goal of FORC-Photonics in the field of quality is a dynamically developing production of fiber-optic monitoring systems that can satisfy the requirements of standards and consumer needs, using modern production and management technologies for the benefit of customers, partners and employees.

Objectives are realized by performing of following tasks:

  • implementation of modern management methods;
  • monitoring of external and internal factors affecting the Company's strategy;
  • maintaining an effective system for selecting suppliers and contractors;
  • planning of production quality and services at the development stage due to introduction of modern methods and progressive technological processes;
  • Quality Management of production and services in the process of fulfilling customer orders;
  • ensuring that products and services comply with legal requirements and requirements of consumers;
  • creation of an environment, for involving each employee of the Company in the process of continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services provided;
  • creating conditions for effective work, improving skills and systematic training of personnel;
  • perfection of leadership qualities of subdivisions heads and enhancement of teamwork in the field of quality assurance;
  • planning, functioning, analysis and improvement of the quality management system, as a set of interrelated processes;
  • distribution of responsibility and authority, optimal documentation, monitoring and analysis of process criteria;
  • directing efforts to reduce risks in order to improve the quality of products and services;
  • making decisions based on complete and reliable information
  • ensuring continuous improvement of quality management.