Article Er-BBLS-14-CL-X

ASE (Amplified spontaneous emission) broadband light source of incoherent light, with low spectral non-uniformity and high spectral intensity. Availability of integrated optical attenuator allows you to change the output power level, while maintaining the spectral characteristic. Monitoring and control of operating parameters is carried out by the microcontroller.
Broad-Band Light Source


  • systems based on EDFA fiber amplifiers;
  • fiber gyroscopes;
  • measuring systems based on FBG sensors.



Выходной спектр BBLS-42-5-1563 при разрешении 2нм.

                                                  ASE C+L band


Parameter / Article


Integral output power, dBm 11
Spectral band, nm 1525 ÷ 1600
Spectral non-uniformity, dB  < 7
Stability of output power at 25°C, dB ( 1 hour) 0.02
Stability of output power at 25°C, dB ( 8 hours) ± 0.05
Polarization type  depolarized
Mode structure SM
Output connector type on request
Supply voltage, V 5
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm  120 х 100 х 35 
Weight, kg  < 0.5
Operating temperature, °C 0 ÷ +45

 ASE Broadband Light Source (CL-BAND) (Article Er-BBLS-14-CL-X)