Parameters of FBG

FORC-Photonics offers services for recording of fiber Bragg gratings in wide range of wavelengths and types of optical fibers. Choose FBG wavelength, fiber type and other parameters from the table below and send the request to Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.


General characteristics of Custom FBG

  Grating type Simple, apodized, chirped
  Coating type

Acrylate and polyimide coating, metal coating (Al, Cu)

(recoating avalible on demand)

  Connectors FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/APC or custom

Typical central wavelengths of Custom FBG

Central wavelength of Custom FBG Fiber type
  633 nm; 650 nm custom
  852 nm Nufern 780XP or custom

 976 nm; 1030 nm; 1060 nm; 1064 nm; 

 1063-1078 nm; 1080 nm

Nufern 1060XP, Nufern PS 1060 or custom
  1125nm; 1150nm

Nufern 1060XP, Nufern PS 1060, Corning SMF 28e+ or custom

  1510 - 1580nm

Corning SMF 28e+ or custom

  1650 nm; 1875 nm; 1900 nm; 1908 nm;

  2300 nm; 2750 nm: 2850 nm

Corning SMF 28e+ or custom

Optical characteristics of Custom FBG

  Parameter Typical FBG Advanced accuracy Custom FBG
 Central wavelength mismatching (for pair FBGs), nm ± 0.1
 Accuracy of central wavelength, nm ± 0.3

± 0.05

 Reflection, % 2 ÷ 99.9

0.3 ÷ 0.5

 Side lobes supression, dB 7 ÷ 10 20
 FWHM, nm 0.15 ÷ 1