Article Bi-SFLS-4-1330-X

Bismuth superfluorescent light source (Bi-SFLS) is designed for numerous applications, such as:Bismuth superfluorescent light sources

  • fiber sensors
  • optical coherence tomography
  • optical measurements



  • High power
  • Broad spectral width
  • Gaussian shape
  • No spectral ripples
  • Depolarized output
  • CW operation

Emission Spectrum















Optical Output Power, mW 4
Center Wavelength, nm 1330
Spectral Width, nm  35
Fiber Type SMF-28
Numerical aperture of the output optical fiber 0.13
Connector on request
Power Supply, Line Voltage, V  220 ±10% 
Power Supply, Line Frequency, Hz 50
Operating Temperature, °C ÷ +40 
Storage Temperature, °C -40 ÷ +70

 Bismuth Superfluorescent Light Source (Article Bi-SFLS-4-1330-X )